A group of fiber artists

​​​Black Sheep Weavers Fiber Guild

2017-18 Board members

President:                       Ron Wonboy  email: Rwonboy@yahoo.com

1st V Pres/Programs:      Annette Taylor  email: ajalpaca@yahoo.com  and

                                           Kathy Stahl  email: kstahl318@sbcglobal.net 

2nd V Pres/Workshops:  Annette Shaffer   email: annette@annieswoolworks.com

Secretary:                         Connie Hydel   email: chydel@yahoo.com

Treasurer/Membership:  Kathy Amerman   email: klamerman@gmail.com

MLH Rep:                        OPEN

Hospitality Chairs:          Bonnie Dimitry and Sharon Howitt

Librarian:                         Mary Bajcz   email: maryebajcz@gmail.com  

                                           (helpers Peggy Eppinger and Karen Schaefer)

Publicity Team:                Cathy Greenhalgh-send emails/mail flyers, drawing  email: cgreenhalgh@comcast.net

                                           Cindy Geist- post updates to our Facebook page  email:shequilts@yahoo.com

                                           Sharon Howitt- post sale info to online events websites   email: smh@toast2.net

Newsletter/Webmaster:    Nadine Cloutier  email:  nadinecloutier@comcast.net