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​​​Black Sheep Weavers Fiber Guild

Loom available to Guild members
From time to time, people contact us to donate items left behind from loved ones estates. Tom Moberly has written to share this loom which was hand made by his father-in-law in 1988.  His father-in-law has since passed and his family are looking for anyone who would want the loom for nothing.  He made several hundred rag rugs on it over the years.  If a new owner is not identified, the family will take it apart and that will be its end.  Please reply to Tom Moberly at if you are interested (located in Royal Oak).  A smaller loom is also available (not pictured).

A group of fiber artists

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Please check this page for information on other events that are fiber related and not a Guild sponsored event. We love to share what is happening  in the fiber arts across the state.