Learning Grants

If you are interested in taking a class in the fiber arts, you may apply for a Learning Grant to help with your expenses of taking the class.  If you are recipient of a grant, we ask you to share your new knowledge with the guild.  Contact one of the board members for more information on applying.   

Sales Instructions

As a member of Black Sheep Weavers, you are entitled to participate as a seller at our twice yearly sales.  Please review the following documents with instructions and procedures.  Feel free to contact a board member for questions. The INVENTORY Sheet has been loaded as a printable (you fill out by hand) or a computer version in Excel where you can type in your information. Please DOWNLOAD both and SAVE them to your computer. Print off, make 2 copies and bring one to the sale with your signed waiver. 


Please enjoy our monthly newsletters. Previous year newsletters will be listed under Archived Newsletters tab. Current newsletter is posted just prior to our meeting date.

​​​Black Sheep Weavers Fiber Guild

Member Benefits

join Like minded friends

to participate in educational and profitable endeavors.  As a member of Black Sheep Weavers, you are entitled to take part in programs and sales sponsored by BSW.  Dues are $25.

The Guild has an extensive library of books and magazines on all aspects of the fiber arts.

A group of fiber artists